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אודות חברת פארמה תמר

Pharma Tamar - 45 years of experience and knowledge

Tamar Pharma Group Ltd. was established in 1989 by Tamar Marketing Ltd.

Acquired by FAGRON International on 2020

The company is located in Rishon LeZion and employs more than 70 people, including pharmacists and assistants, chemists, development and production managers, marketing and salespeople, and quality control managers.

Pharma Tamar specializes in importing, marketing, and distributing high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as essential oils, herbs, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics ingredients.

Pharma Tamar represents in Israel, some of the largest raw material manufacturers in the world. International companies specialize in producing components for the pharmaceutical industry and raw materials for nutritional supplements, plants, and oils.

The company operates under the Ministry of Health's constant supervision through its various divisions; Pharmacy, food, cosmetics, EMR, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP). 

The company is periodically inspected and surveyed by the Israeli Standards Institute and operates following the requirements of The Standards Institution of Israel: Parma Tamar owns the following brands:

 Pure Oil- the leading brand in the field of oils and essential oils since 1990

Pure Herbs – high-quality herbal product no alcohol or sugar added

The company manufactures and markets under these brands a wide range of cosmetics, raw materials, and unique quality formulas in the field of Western and Chinese herbal medicine, under a cosmetic license, a nutritional supplements license, And a license from the Israeli Ministry of Health (for essential oils)


Ran Pharma

 The Company, Has been a leader in the field of herbal medicine in Israel for more than 25 years. The company continues the many years of operation of Ran Plants since 2014. 

The idea behind this merger – rests on the connection of in-depth knowledge of two of the leading companies in Israel in nutritional supplements and herbs.

On the one hand, extensive professional knowledge relies on both traditional and modern approaches, rich therapeutic experience with thousands of patients, and training of hundreds of therapists in Israel over the years and, on the other hand, state-of-the-art production facilities in Israel and around the world.

Ran Pharma established the Therapists members Club in 2019, which serves as a home for therapists in various fields, ranging from clinical herbalists, Chinese medicine therapists, naturopaths, physicians, and more.

As part of the club, the caregivers enjoy ongoing support, professional monthly news, and online lectures by experienced lecturers in various fields, continuing education, professional conferences, and more. There is also customer support for the members and access to varied raw materials.

The group uses our unique preparation center specializes in brewing herbal compositions by prescription; Tinctures, dry extracts, capsules, infusions, preparations for external use, and more. 

The raw materials used by the company are of the highest quality.

We Import from international world leaders companies all approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health. 

Quality control

The process of receiving and storing the plants, monitoring their quality, packaging, and production, done only by a qualified pharmacist.


All herbal infusions have a kosher certificate from the Badatz, and also, the company is approved by Rabbi Yosef Zaritzky, who also serves as a kosher issues consultant.

Private labels

Ran Pharma also specializes in developing private labels for various bodies, clinics, and personal therapists.

Providing an a-z solution from research to labeling 


Fagron Positivecmyk


Fagron was established in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 1990. Through a constant focus on innovation, quality, and solution-oriented thinking, Fagron has achieved market leadership in pharmaceutical brewing in the Netherlands in just seven years.

More than 200,000 customers worldwide have access to over 2,500 high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials thanks to Fagron's global product and producer qualification, full analysis of incoming and produced products, GMP conditioning, and release by a qualified person.

Producersץ Fagron has sourcing offices in Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Fagron produces standardized products and products customized to specific customer needs in a manufacturing network that includes its production facilities and contract manufacturers on three continents, all meeting the latest national and international standards (GMP and GDP).

Fagron is a multinational group that provides products and services to professionals and institutions in health, among others. 


Fagron's strategy focuses on optimizing and renewing customized drug treatment while expanding treatment options for prescriptions worldwide and improving patients' quality of life.



Founded in 1975

Forty-five years of experience and reputation in preparations and Pharmacy, with the most stringent standards in Pharmacy practice. 

MAAYAN HAIM produces a wide range of preparation:

Unique personalized dosing or following a personal prescription 

You'll find hospitals, daycare centers, pharmacies, doctors, public and private clinics among our customers.

At our Pharmacies, we prepare the following products:

Preparations for internal use: suspensions, capsules, and syrups.

Preparations for external use: nasal drops, candles, cream, gel, ointment, enemas, mouthwash, ear wash, and scalp solutions.

Aseptic and sterile preparations: injections for the eyes, eye drops, vials, and syringes LET GEL

Preparation cytotoxic.


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